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Adel–Dallas Co. Public Corp. to meet Friday

By Jason McGrann


After a July 1 meeting, the Adel-Dallas County Public Corporation will hold another public meeting Friday, July 11 at 1:15 p.m. in the Dallas County Board of Supervisors meeting room at 902 Court Street in Adel.

The public corporation was formed following a 28E agreement that was passed in early June by the Adel City Council and Dallas County Board of Supervisors. The agreement was created in order for the two entities to work together in the site selection, acquisition and preparation of the land for Dallas County to construct an administrative building and public safety facility (jail).

If a site is selected by the Adel-Dallas County Public Corporation, a bond referendum must be passed at the general election in November in order for the county to proceed with the project.

The corporation met Tuesday, July 1, naming Adel Mayor Jim Peters and Dallas County Board of Supervisors Chair Kim Chapman co-chairs of the group. A closed session was held to discuss the the purchase of real estate.

Friday’s meeting will also include a closed session to discuss purchasing real estate. Following the closed session, the agenda lists possible action could be taken by the corporation.

If a suitable site is acquired, besides sharing legal, clerical and administrative responsibility with the county, the City of Adel will contribute $500,000 to be payable no later than June 1, 2016. If Dallas County is not successful in financing the construction of the building or the county does not proceed with the project, Adel’s contributed funds shall be returned to the city.