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Our readers may judge somewhat of the success of meetings held by Rev. Hughes at Waukee from the following conversation (with profanity omitted) between a Waukee young man and an Adel young man. (Adel young man): ‘Well, how’s things at Waukee?’ (Waukee young man): ‘Oh, it’s all church over there now; no use to talk about anything but church.’ (Adel young man): ‘What, don’t you have any more dances?’ (Waukee young man): ‘Nary a dance; they’ve caught all our fiddlers.’”


One Ed Phillips was arraigned before esquire John Downey of Grant Township last Saturday, charged with stealing lap robes. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 days in the county jail where he now languishes.

* * *

Ralph Blanchard was severely hurt Saturday. He attempted to pull a bridle upon a horse and as it was frisky he tied the halter strap around his waist so as to have the use of both hands. The horse made a sudden jump, throwing him down, and dragged him some distance, until the strap broke. Ralph was quite badly bruised and his clothes were nearly torn from him, but no bones were broken.”


The town council voted Monday evening to allow a voting machine to be placed on exhibition at the courthouse where people will be allowed to practice on it. The makers also offer to allow it to be used at the school and city elections without expense in order to demonstrate its worth as compared to old methods.


From “Around the Town” by Scott Snyder: “Uncle Sam has always been pictured as a shrewd Yankee-one who has never allowed a bargainer to get the best of him- but always honest. Last November our Uncle decided more tires were needed and he called upon everyone to turn in all extras over five. The Around the Towner asked the service station man to check his tires and tell him which ones to turn in. The man whom we always found to be an expert picked out two with the remark: ‘They’re both all right and you should get a good price, the rubber is good and the fabric is unbroken and there should be several thousand miles in them’…Nearly three months later a check came from Uncle Sam. It reads: ‘Pay exactly 40 cents.”


Donna Grove, who turns over her downtown Adel cafe to Dave Waters today, has been honored with a card, plaque and poem from her customers. A group of Grove Cafe regulars calling themselves the ‘Adel Coffee Club’ presented Donna with the plaque, which recognizes her for ‘Twenty years of Lousy Service.’”

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