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Citizens vote in newcomers, incumbents to council

Tuesday’s city election brought about a few seat changes especially in areas of Dallas County such as Adel, Van Meter and Waukee.

The two open Adel City Council seats were filled by newcomer Rebecca Hillmer who received 160 votes and incumbent Jon McAvoy who received 137 votes. Hillmer pushed out Dale Swanson who has served on the council for 12 years. He received 123 votes. McAvoy, who has served on the Adel City Council for 24 years, said he is pleased to serve the citizens of Adel for another four years.

“I’m honored that the residents of Adel asked me to continue to represent them for another four years,” McAvoy said. “I will continue to do my best to help Adel grow and thrive in a responsible manner. I welcome input from all citizens on the issue that are important to them. Thank you.”

A fairly close race was held between six candidates vying for three open seats on the Van Meter City Council. Owen Stump led the pack with 109 votes, Elizabeth Tweed with 96 total votes, and Michael Peterson with 87 votes. All three newcomers beat out candidates Andrew Kendall (33 votes), Chris Knoll (65 votes) and John Seefeld (53 votes).

A high voter turnout in Waukee led to the re-election of Shane Blanchard with 611 votes, but not incumbent Mike Watts who received 457 votes. He was beaten out by newcomers Brian Harrison with 791 votes and Rick Peterson with 956 votes to fill two open seats. Newcomer Chet Chedester also vied for an open council seat but only 254 votes in favor.

Blanchard expressed his excitement to be re-elected to serve the citizens of Waukee.

“Last night’s results tell me the people of Waukee want more commercial development, less traffic congestion, more trails and have supported my voting record the last four years,” he said.

Other parts of the county saw a smaller number of voters.

Five open seats on the Bouton City Council will be filled by incumbents Jon Bever with 20 votes, Arlene Greiner with 18, Camilla McCain also with 18, Linda Neville with 15, and a write-in candidate with 23 votes.

Michael Kidd (61 votes), Daniel Willrich (61 votes), Heidi Carter (65 votes), and Ryan Kluss (63 votes) will be serving on the Dallas Center City Council.

Five Dawson City Council seats will be held by Willard Brown (18 votes), Glenda Hiddleson (15 votes), Dan Hupp (18 votes), Clarence Morman (18 votes), and Michael Owens (19 votes).

In De Soto, Kenneth Brant (28 votes), Jay Button (31 votes), and Steve Cox (36 votes) were elected to serve on the council.

Dexter City Council will consist of newcomers Donald Carrick who received 73 votes and Ray Clayton with 57 votes. Incumbent Jim Pivonka will hold his spot on the council with 61 votes. Gregg Wahman was also elected to fill a two-year vacancy spot with 70 votes. Two of Granger’s city councilmen, Robert Herrold with 52 votes, and Scott Smyth with 44 votes, will stay seated after Tuesday’s vote. Newcomer Mike Backous received 40 votes and will fill the two-year term vacancy.

The Linden City Council will welcome June Rector and Ken Smith. Rector received 21 votes, Smith with 23.

Citizens in Minburn votes for Phyllis Moss (30 votes) and GayLynn Stajcar (32 votes) to sit on the council. A third seat was won by a write-in elect with 29 votes.

Randy McCaulley was votes in to serve Ward 2 on Perry’s City Council with 135 votes while John Andorf was votes in to serve Perry’s single at-large seat with 282 votes.

Pam Danielson and Heather Godwin-Potewon re-election for Redfield’s open city council seats. Danielson received 41 votes while Godwin-Pote won with 38.

Three open Woodward City Council seats were up for grabs in Tuesday’s election. All three incumbents Craig DeHoet, Richard Hartwig, and Paul Thompson filled the seats with 31 votes a piece.

Mayors who ran uncontested for re-election included Adel Mayor Jim Peters, who received 196 votes, Dallas Center Mayor Mitch Hambleton with 63 votes, Dawson Mayor Breanna Morman at 19 votes, De Soto Mayor Nicholas Hasty with 35 votes, Linden Mayor Dave Hutchins with 24 votes, Minburn Mayor Michael Pace with 33 votes, Perry Mayor Jay Pattee with 384 votes, and Redfield Mayor Darci Alt with 40 votes.

A write-in vote was elected mayor of Bouton with 18 votes, and Granger Mayor Pro Tem Cathy Fuson was elected mayor with 52 votes.

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