Construction of Alice’s Road Corridor begins with groundbreaking ceremony

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Congressman Tom Latham (left), Senator Tom Harkin, Waukee Mayor Bill Peard, Senator Charles Grassley and Gov. Terry Branstad took part in the Alice’s Road Corridor Project ground breaking on Nov. 1.

Construction of the much anticipated Alice’s Road Corridor Project can now be started after Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony held in Waukee.

Gov. Terry Branstad, along with Senator Charles Grassley, Senator Tom Harkin, and Congressman Tom Latham, addressed a crowd of about 100 on moving forward with the project.

“It’s great to see the Alice’s Road Corridor Project is moving forward,” Branstad said. “The project has been years in the making.”

The project has been on Waukee’s forefront for almost 11 years, but a few challenges, including finding a female Indian bat less than a mile away from the proposed Interstate 80 interchange in February, halted the project.

Even with challenges, Waukee Mayor Bill Peard said the city’s commitment to the project has never wavered.

“Waukee’s elected officials and staff are not the only ones who understand the vital component that the Alice’s Road Corridor Project will be to Waukee,” Peard said. “Cities can imagine and plan for new infrastructures, but cannot move forward without the strong support and commitment of those properties where the road will be constructed. This project will forever alter the face of Waukee (for the) better.”

Congressman Tom Latham also expressed his anticipation toward project completion.

“I’ve been waiting and waiting to get a road over the overpass because it has so much potential,” he said. “This is a great day, a day we have worked so hard for, and so many people in the community and whole region are responsible for. The reason we are here today is because of the persistence of so many people.”