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Iowa drivers can now renew licenses online

Nearly 284,000 Iowa drivers will be eligible to renew their driver’s license or identification cards 24-hours a day, seven days a week from any computer or mobile device with a web browser.

“This system was created to give Iowans the flexibility to renew their driver’s license or I.D. when and where it is convenient for them” Branstad said in a recent release. “There is no better way for government to serve its citizens than to find efficiencies while at the same time offering quicker service and better access.”

Individuals who are able to renew include:

Those who have a valid Iowa driver’s license or I.D.

Are at least 18, but younger than 70 years old

Their license or I.D. has not been expired for more than a year

It is less than 180 days to the renewal date on your current license or I.D.

They are a U.S. citizen

No known medical or vision conditions that would impact their ability to drive

No need to change the address or name printed on your card

“We are committed to making customer’s interactions with the Iowa DOT smarter, simpler and customer driven,” said Department of Transportation Director Paul Trombino III. “Online renewal is one more service within our myMVD system that helps Iowans take care of needs related to their driver’s license and driving record when and where it is convenient for them. Renewing online also helps reduce congestion at driver’s license stations and county treasurer’s offices, shortening the time spent at renewal locations for those who must renew in person.”

Renewal cards will contain the same photo that is on a customer’s current driver’s license or I.D. Customers will only be allowed to renew their driver’s license or I.D. through the online system every other renewal period. Renewal periods and costs are the same regardless of how cards are renewed.

As with in-person renewal, new cards will be sent in the mail within 30 days of renewal. Customers can renew their driver’s license or I.D. online should continue to carry their current card until they receive their new driver’s license in the mail. A proof of transaction can be printed and carried with their current card to prove that they have gone through the renewal process.

In addition to online driver’s license and I.D. renewal, visitors to myMVD can:

Sign up to receive renewal notices electronically

Change mailing addresses

Get a copy of a driving record

Find out what is needed to reinstate a license that has been revoked or suspended

Pay civil penalties.

The official Iowa DOT online renewal website can only be accessed at