Making one ‘Footprint’ at a time in De Soto

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Angie Walker-Springer, owner of Angie’s Footprints Yoga in De Soto, balances herself with one hand to increase flexibility at her studio on Thursday, March 6, 2014. Walker-Springer started practicing yoga six years ago and recently became certified with 500 registered class hours and as a wellness coach.

Yoga, to some, is merely a form of exercise that happens a few times per week. But to Angie Walker-Springer, 47, of Adel, yoga is a lifestyle that she lives and breathes.

Walker-Springer, owner of Angie’s Footprints Yoga in De Soto, first entertained the idea of yoga six years ago after struggling with her weight and having a lack of energy.

“I decided to try out Hot Yoga because I had never done yoga before and thought it sounded interesting,” Walker-Springer said. “I went into the room with a pair of sweatpants, sweatshirt, and socks on, stood right up front by the instructor, and within two minutes I was taking off layers. I was hooked and went religiously….sometimes even back-to-back sessions.”

Soon, Walker-Springer started shedding the weight and realized her mental clarity was “unbelievable.” Building up her mental strength would become crucial, especially in 2012 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“When I told my family about my brain tumor they asked me, ‘Why are you so calm? Why aren’t you freaking out?,’” Walker-Springer said. “I just told them that if it wasn’t for yoga, I probably would be freaking out. I just had to stay in tune with things and accept things for what they were. “When I was diagnosed, I really thought this (yoga) was a sign and was what I needed to do with my life.”

A few years and 500 registered class hours later, Walker-Springer made her dream a reality by recently opening up Angie’s Footprints Yoga, a quaint one-story building located at 3 Effefson Dr. in De Soto.

“When I moved to Adel in 2007, this building used to be Whiskers on Kittens, and I always thought this was a cute building,” she said. “So after I had gotten into yoga I thought, ‘This is my studio.’ It’s accessible to everybody and has a lot of land available for outside yoga.”

Along with an ideal location, Walker-Springer hopes to bring the surrounding communities multiple forms of yoga for all ages. “My hopes are to bring the community is all different forms of yoga-individual, childrens, and partners yoga,” Walker-Springer said. “It’s all about the mind and breath control as well as learning to get more in tune with your body. To sit down on a mat, relax, and to respect yourself is the most wonderful present you can give your mind, body, and spirit.”

Walker-Springer mostly practices Ashtanga and Adamantine inspired yoga in her classes, but said she adheres her sessions to the needs of her clients.

“I really listen to my clients and pay attention to what they can and can’t do,” she said. “I can incorporate modifications for the exercises, because the poses shouldn’t hurt someone. It’s all about listening to your body.”

After practicing yoga for over six years, Walker-Springer said she has noticed an increase in her own flexibility and what her body can do.

“I pay attention to what I can do now as to what I could do when I first started out,” she said. “Even a simple shoulder roll was difficult, and my hands were so far apart. Now, I can bind my hands. “Sometimes it just takes baby steps, but in the long run it’s better to take baby steps rather than injuring yourself. You just have to work at it.”

Along with working at her yoga poses, Walker-Springer is also working at building up her business and is hopeful that Angie’s Footprints Yoga will be an asset to the community.

“I want (Angie’s) Footprints Yoga to have a name (in the community) and for people to feel welcome here,” she said. “It’s about doing something for yourself, so don’t be afraid to come on out and try it. All it takes is for somebody to walk in the door and allow themselves to try something new.”

Walker-Springer charges $15 per session for walk-ins and $10 for individuals who contact her either by Facebook, email, or by phone. Classes are from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday or by appointment.

Those interested in Angie’s Footprints Yoga can visit her Facebook page at Angie’s Footprints Yoga, via email at, or by phone at 515-478-0042.

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