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White’s former teachers helped her discover reading

Melissa White
Melissa White

Melissa White’s passion for reading goes beyond herself. To her, reading is universal.

White, who is the teacher-librarian at Dallas Center-Grimes for students in kindergarten through fourth grade, started out as a high school English teacher with a deep passion for reading and an even deeper passion for sharing that reading with others.

“I was a high school English teacher for five years in South and North Carolina,” explains White. “I taught everything from freshmen English to AP English. In 2005, I moved to Iowa and taught English for five years at Johnston High School. “Four years ago I switched districts and came to DC-G to be the K-4 teacher librarian.”

With a degree in English Education from Winthrop University and a Masters Degree in Library Science from East Carolina, “qualified” doesn’t even begin to describe her.

But her desire to teach goes beyond her love of literature. “I think around third grade is when I decided I wanted to be just like my third grade teacher,” White recalls. “She was so kind and encouraged us all to be our best. “When I was in seventh grade, I had an English teacher who helped me discover my love of reading and writing. She’s the reason I became an English teacher.”

White has taught almost every age but knows now that the younger age group is perfect for her.

“I started as a high school teacher but always knew that I wanted to try to work with younger kids,” White describes. “My daughter was starting kindergarten at South Prairie in Grimes, and the job for the teacher librarian opened up. “I knew it would be an amazing opportunity, so I applied and got the job.”

Now she can share her passion for reading with kids at a young age, and they can carry on that passion for the rest of their lives.

“Kids at this age are so excited about reading, and it is such a wonderful part of my job to be a part of the start of their education.”

White hopes to stay in education for as long as she can and thinks she will always work with kids. And right now, there’s no other place she would rather be than right where she is at DC-G.

“DC-G is a wonderful district where I can work with so many great teachers who strive for excellence,” White reveals. “DC-G is in a small enough community that I always feel supported. I am so lucky to work in the district where my children go to school and be a part of their education.”

Melissa White lives in Grimes with her husband and their two children. The two met while he was in the Marine Corps and stationed in North Carolina. She enjoys running, exercising, reading, and cooking.