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‘Open’ letter to supervisors

To the Editor:

The dust has settled. The voters have spoken. It is obvious that the voters of Dallas County don’t want to move the county administration to the Ortonville area.

I fully recognize your need for more space and I know that the City of Adel is willing to work with you to designate such space and perhaps help in the design and implementation of a plan within the inner core of the City of Adel.

In conversations with a lot of my clients, the folks in the outlying districts and towns don’t feel that the Board of Supervisors is even attempting to handle their problems. Their small towns in Dallas County have seemed to be completely ignored.

I was dismayed by talking to Adel businesses that they had been threatened by County personnel to not patronize them if they had a “Vote No” sign in their window. This is unacceptable.

I fully agree with your comments about how we are one of the fastest growing counties in the Nation, that our population has increased greatly. There’s no question about this; the problem is that the county government has not been responsive to this growth and increased the size of the Board of Supervisors.

It is my feeling, and has been for a long time, the County Board of Supervisors needs to be expanded from three members to five members and each of those members need to be selected in their own voting district. There is a statutory process for doing this. I do believe this would give more adequate representation to the outlying areas and it would insure that the Board of Supervisors is not elected solely by Eastern Dallas County. This is a move that can be instigated by the Board of Supervisors on their own motion or, if you so refuse, then Dallas County Voters can submit petitions to do the same and have it submitted to election.

Gentlemen, this is the time to do it. This is a good move for the improvement of government in Dallas County and I would strongly encourage you to think of the County and its residents and move forward. If not, I believe the voters will.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

John O. Reich