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Bits & Pieces: Getting rid of the “King Amendment”

Ann Welch
Ann Welch

Here’s a quick something you can do to help promote animal welfare laws. Call our Iowa U. S. Senator Tom Harkin and ask him to use his standing as select member of the committee deciding on the details of the Farm Bill right now.

It is very important that Senator Harkin hear from you that the toxic “King Amendment” must not be part of the farmbill. The King amendment is dangerous to animal welfare because it threatens to repeal many animal protection laws on farm animal confinement, horse slaughter, puppy mills, shark finning, and dog meat.

Please take time to make a brief call to Senator Tom Harkin at 202-224-3254 to give the Senator your opinion on removing the King Amendment from the Farm Bill because it is a dangerous, radical attack on states’ rights and animal welfare.