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Bits & Pieces: Montana’s Wolf Slaughter

Ann Welch
Ann Welch

I received information from the Center for Biological Diversity recently on Montana’s upcoming wolf hunt. 6,000 people have paid $19 to kill a wolf, an appalling situation since Montana has only 625 wolves remaining after last year’s hunt. Over 10 times as many rifles as wolves have been lined up to finish the slaughter from last year. 6,000 wolf supporters are needed to balance this deadly situation. Gray wolves in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Wisconsin no longer have federal protection, so it is urgent now that people donate to the Wolf Defense Fund so that the federal protection is not removed from wolves in the rest of the United States. Anti-wolf zealots flood the social media with slanderous brutal images and ignorant vitriol such as “Kill Every Worthless Vermin Wolf” and “The only good wolf is a dead wolf”.

Donating today will help stop the anti-wolf agenda and send Montana the message that a wolf’s life is worth more than $19. Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona’s wolves now have more protection because of the Center for Biological Diversity’s work. Wolves in California, Washington, Utah, Colorado and the Northeast will receive protection from loss of federal protection. Donate to the Wolf Defense Fund to save our country’s remaining wolf populations. Wolves are an iconic wildlife species. They belong to all Americans and should not be wiped out because of the prejudices against them held by western states.