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Bits & Pieces: The Sky’s the limit

Ann Welch
Ann Welch

Watching the Olympics for the last couple of days makes me marvel at what young athletes can accomplish through their years of hard, dedicate work. the high flying skate boarders and the amazingly graceful figure skaters and all the other Olympic athletes are such outstanding examples of what we humans can accomplish if we put our minds to it.

Probably the reason Olympians succeed is because they will themselves to do so. If they are able to perform such fantastic feats of physical prowess, why can’t the rest of us use our will power to make important things happen? There are so many issues in our world that need attention—hunger, wars, damage to our environment, to name just a few. If we all used our individual efforts to address these problems, we could bring about great improvement in the problems facing our world. If we, like our Olympic athletes, could exert our collective will, the sky would be the limit to what we could accomplish for our earth and all its inhabitants.