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Don’t waste taxpayers money

To the Editor:

Life is less stressful without overwhelming medical bills. Obamacare is closing the doughnut hole in Medicare Part D in annual stages, and will be totally closed by 2020. Insurance companies are finally barred from turning anyone down because of pre-existing conditions. What point are the Republican House members making when they waste taxpayer dollars and Congressional time by bringing up a 40th repeal Obamacare bill? Rep. Latham and Rep. King know that their bill will not pass the Senate or the President’s signature. Trying to defund Obamacare just tells the public that Republicans do not care about health care reform. Sen. Grassley even threatens to hold all government spending hostage if the health reform law is not defunded. What does shutting down the government prove? Working on a jobs bill would at least be productive.

Julie Stewart Ziesman


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