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Encouraging a ‘yes’ vote

To the Editor:

I am supporting and am voting “YES” during the upcoming school bond issue election on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 and I would encourage all voters in the district to do the same. I was a member of the school’s community based facility master planning committee and am familiar with the efforts to arrive at the recommendation for the ADM School board to propose the bond issue that would fund the school improvements.

As a longtime resident who attended K-12 at the old high school, I was especially interested in how this building and gym would fit into the plan. The old high school will be repurposed as the district central offices, professional development meeting spaces, storage, technology hub and continue to be used for middle school athletics. This building will be a great asset for the community and has potential for even more uses than currently planned.

Another aspect of the study that interested me was the forecast of increased student enrollment supporting the need for additional space. There is no doubt population within the district is growing. In Adel alone we have issued 103 building permits over the last three years. Many of these new family homes include current and future ADM students.

The ADM School board and administration have been very diligent in maintaining a level tax rate over the last few years. The board will use financing options available to them to keep the debt service levy the same as it has been. In other words, property taxes will not increase to fund the bond issue for the school improvements.

Finally, the Adel City Council met at their regular meeting on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, and passed a resolution supporting the bond issue.

I would encourage you to vote “YES” on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.

Jim Peters, Mayor