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Letter to the editor: Branstad rejects Central American refugees

Considering the fact that Iowa’s population is aging and not increasing, it would seem practical for us to welcome immigrants, including refugee children. We already have a shortage of both skilled and unskilled labor in the rural areas. Who is going to take care of the seniors in their homes, assisted living, and nursing homes when our present caretakers retire?

Because of declining enrollment, rural schools are either closing or have slashed their budgets. Should we not invest in the education of immigrants to grow our workforce? Iowa would have a negative population growth, instead of a small increase in growth, if it were not for the immigrant population. Rejecting immigrants could lead to a loss of state tax revenue as well as a worker shortage.

Governor Branstad should be leading Iowans in accepting the Central American refugees like Governor Ray did the the 1970s.

Julie Stewart Ziesman


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