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Remember me?

Remember me? I’ll try to jog your memory. To begin with, you should be warned I do not like retirement! Anyone out there who is nearing that time, be prepared! If you don’t like sleeping ‘till 9 a.m. or no one relying on you to show up for work, you need to make a few adjustments. It ‘ain’t easy’ folks! This may explain why I asked to resume writing for you after a brief hiatus. This is for you. There’s no sales pitch, I’m not asking for a hand-out, nothing from you. Take that back, if wanting you to pass the word to a few of your friends that I need them as readers, I’m guilty. You will find me to be silly sometimes, sometimes very serious, but my visits to your home are meant to get your attention and leave you with an occasional smile on your face.


First, maybe I should introduce my self to those of you who do not know me. I am a senior citizen, great grandma, living in southern Dallas County on my small farm. You will probably get some farm related stories in the future but I will start out by visiting with you from my patio where the only farm sounds may be the visiting birds to my backyard plus an occasional interruption to the stillness from the barking of a neighbor’s dog or highway sounds from I-80 when conditions are just right. Oh yes, there are cows with young calves to the east that sometimes enter in when a youngster gets too far from mama, but for the most part they are content to just watch, eat and sleep. Sometimes I see and hear wild turkeys, far too many deer along with the damage they do to crops, plus I tolerate the wild geese that are becoming more brave. They too damage emerging crops, plus dirty up the dock by the pond. Still, it’s part of my rural life and I wouldn’t change it a bit.


Did you hear the tale of the lady who lost her car in the mall parking lot? It’s easy to do when you’re not familiar with the city and the mall. She went in on one side of the mall but after visiting many stores, went back to her car only to find it gone! You guessed it, she had come out on the opposite side of the mall from where she entered. Maybe this tale has helped in my selection of a car. My car doesn’t look like very many other cars on the road or in a parking lot, small and Spice Orange. Pretty difficult to lose it parked anywhere, that is until a big SUV parks next to it, and it disappears from sight!


Once in awhile I may borrow something I’ve read or heard to share with you. A warning here may be necessary. My intent is to put a smile on your face. Granted my sense of humor may be a bit twisted, but I look for humor in many things. I hope you do as well.


As I opened my new issue of Our Iowa this morning, a familiar sight greeted me on page 33, our beautiful Dallas County courthouse. The photographer from Monona County Hawk-eye had set out on a mission to visit every county seat in Iowa. It was no surprise to me, of all the 100 county seats (Lee has 2) she visited, her favorite was ours in Adel. It’s mine as well.


I’ll close with this little offering from Our Iowa.

A little 6 year old girl was looking at old photographs with her grandma, when out of her mouth popped this gem, “Grandma, here’s a picture of you before your face crumbled.”

Thanks for your time.

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