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Treasurer encourages ‘yes’ vote

To the Editor:

When making a decision on August 6th whether Dallas County needs a new administration/public safety facility, I would ask you to visit the Dallas County Treasurer’s Motor Vehicle/Drivers License office. Lengthy wait times and parking challenges occur regularly as a result of the county’s growth and the growing demand for our services.

The number of registrations we processed has grown by nearly 5,000 from 85,768 in fiscal year 2010 to 90,647 in the fiscal year 2013 ending in June. The treasurer’s office also issued 19,691 titles in fiscal year 2013.

Our numbers continue to grow as Dallas County’s population increases. We have room to add one more staff member, but will be completely out of space after that staff addition.

Our driver’s license department issued 22,581 driver’s licenses and identification cards in 2013. We are working in a space that is just under 745 square feet. DOT stations that service that level of traffic are typically more than four times larger.

The people we serve constantly struggle with parking, a crowded lobby and growing confusion when the lobby is full. That overcrowding in the lobby also creates an unsafe environment in the event of an emergency.

Overcrowding, which is the subject of increasing public complaints, also creates stress for our customers and staff. The board of supervisors has taken these concerns of the Treasurer’s Office and the demands on other departments into consideration for the proposed administration and public safety facility.

I agree with the board of supervisors’ assessment, backed by several studies since 2006, that this new building is needed and soon. I have witnessed the impact of our increase in population and growing demand for our services firsthand. I would urge you take into consideration how these delays, parking hassles, and the fact they will become worse if nothing is done when making up your mind on how to vote on Aug. 6.

Darrell Bauman

Dallas County



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