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What Are You Reading? …Butterflies

Devon  Murphy-Petersen
Devon Murphy-Petersen

Barbara Kingsolver’s new literary novel, “Flight Behavior”, is a beautifully written exploration of the human heart, animal behavior, and the possible effects of climate change.

When farm wife Dellarobia Turnbow hikes up a mountain road behind her home she encounters the unusual sight of thousands upon thousands of monarch butterflies in the forest. Her discovery sparks the interest of a handsome biologist, local religious leaders, and the media. Suddenly their quiet sheep farm is the subject of world-wide attention and tourists are pouring in to see the butterflies.

Rounding out the story are Dellarobia’s disappointing marriage, a logging firm’s contract to clear-cut the forest, and family secrets. As the community gathers to judge her and the miracle of the butterflies, Dellarobia must confront her own family, her church, and her town in her struggle to understand and accept the truth. What are you reading? Send me your recommendations! Email is best: I look forward to hearing from you!